How to Introduce A New French Bulldog to The Family

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Getting a new French Bulldog is a big deal! You want to find the right way to introduce your new dog to the family. Remember that first impressions are important and will have a lot to do with how well your new French Bulldog adjusts. Here are a few things to remember when introducing your new dog to the family:


Set Up A Safe Environment

One of the first things you need to do before you bring home your new French Bulldog is make sure that your house and yard are safe. Keep in mind that dogs don’t have the same sense of “right” and “wrong” that we do. You want to make sure that you have a safe space for your new pet.


Making Introductions

How your dog is introduced to family members will affect how they interact together. Make sure not to rush things. To make the experience positive, let your dog choose the place where they meet. You can also use treats during the introductions.

When it comes to introducing your new French Bulldog to other family dogs, try taking them for a walk before they meet. This lets them be more relaxed when they do meet. Additionally, pick up things like toys and food bowls so that they have nothing to fight over. If one of the dogs seems uncomfortable, simply give them a little space from one another.


Introducing Household Rules

Before you bring home your new French Bulldog, take time to discuss as a family what the rules will be and how those rules will be enforced. It’s essential that the rules be enforced at all times, instead of just at certain times, so that your dog doesn’t get confused.


Crate and Potty Training

Crates can be extremely helpful during rule training and potty training. You can help your dog to associate positive enforcement with their crate by feeding them and giving them treats while they’re in the crate. Also, line the crate with comfortable bedding so they can take time to relax.

However, remember not to reward negative behavior when they are in the crate. Most dogs quickly learn to enjoy spending time in their crate. A crate can provide you with a safe place to keep them when you can’t actively watch them. Also, dogs have a natural instinct not to soil their own space, which means a crate can be helpful during potty training.



A simple concept you should put into place with a new French Bulldog is a system of earning rewards. These rewards can be pretty much anything that your dog sees as valuable. Once you have chosen what you will be using as a reward, you can then allow your dog to begin earning them through good behavior.


It’s crucial that you find positive ways to introduce your new French Bulldog to the family. Make sure that things aren’t rushed, and the dog isn’t made uncomfortable. You also want to make sure that the environment is safe. To learn more about introducing your French Bulldog to the family, visit Bella Bella Frenchie.

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