Five Things to Do With Your French Bulldog Puppy the Day You Take Him Home

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French Bulldog puppies may be the cutest babies in the entire world. Bringing one into

your life is a guarantee of joy and companionship for years to come. You can save yourself a lot of stress and heartache if you get your relationship off to a great start. From the day you bring him home, do these five things with your French Bulldog puppy so you both have a great start.

1. Teach Him When You’re Happy

Dogs love to make you happy. Frenchies may have huge personalities, but they still want to be your best friend. Unfortunately, Frenchies don’t speak English. Instead of just telling him, teach him when you’re happy. Get some puppy-approved treats and decide on what you want to use as a “marker” for when he has pleased you. Some people use a clicker, but most just use a word. “Yes!” is a good one. Say it enthusiastically, and follow it with a reward. Soon he’ll learn that hearing a “Yes!” means good things are coming. That’s the building block of all future training attempts.

2. Give Him a Bath

Regular bathing will help keep your French Bulldog puppy’s coat soft and luxurious. It will also be something that gets harder as they get older. Scoop your puppy up and bathe him regularly when he’s too small to resist. He’ll be a better behaved adult when he needs a bath!

3. Set Furniture Expectations

Some people don’t mind if their pets get on their furniture. Some people can’t stand it. You and everyone in your household have to get on the same page about what kind of people you are. Lots of people try to compromise, but that just confuses your dog. If he’s not allowed on the furniture, don’t let him get up even as a puppy. He won’t understand why it used to be okay (and he’ll know how comfortable it is up there!)

4. Let Him Explore

Puppy-proof your home as best you can. Then let your new puppy explore! Letting him roam around (with supervision at first) is the best way to ensure that he’s happy and comfortable in his new home. Overly confined dogs can get anxious when they’re in new environments. You want your French Bulldog puppy to learn that exploring is fun!

5. Nap With Him

If you don’t want to let your pup on the furniture, get down on the floor for an hour or two every day. You can nap or put on the TV or a movie. Then cuddle your puppy up and let him sleep with you. Sleeping together builds trust and affection in both humans and dogs. Letting him sleep with you builds a bond between you that will last a lifetime. There’s a lot to do when you bring a new French Bulldog puppy home. As much as you can, focus on early learning and consistency. Don’t let him on the furniture now if you don’t want him
on it later. Nap with him, let him explore, and teach him when you’re happy! It starts today but lasts a lifetime.

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