Bella B - Does Your French Bulldog Need a Grain-Free Diet (French bulldog, grain free)

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When it comes to feeding your French Bulldog, grain free feeding is making a splash.
More and more puppy parents are introducing grain-free diets. The claims for benefits
are as wild as they are for any human diet: better skin, better fur, more energy, even
less behavioral problems are all claims made by grain-free feeders. What’s the
reasoning behind a grain-free diet and does your pup need one?


The Gluten-free Reasoning

People who feed their French Bulldog grain free foods typically do so for perceived
health benefits. The reasoning is that dogs may be omnivores (like humans!) but in the
wild, a dog would seldom eat grains. They’re far more likely to hunt or seek out fruits
and vegetables than grains. Too much grain is unnatural and often leads to problems
with the dog’s digestion. In turn, this leads to poor digestion and nutrition problems that
lead to dull fur, ill temper, and other problems.
As of now, there isn’t a lot of veterinary consensus on the subject. Most vets and
governmental bodies that determine the nutritional content of dog foods agree that
grains are a valid food for dogs. The evidence in favor of grain-free diets is anecdotal.

Is Your Dog Healthy

Before you change anything about your dog’s diet, assess his health. If he’s healthy,
there’s no need to fix what isn’t broken. Preemptively going grain-free may not help your
dog, and what you’re already doing is working. If your dog does have skin troubles,
patchy fur, or other issues that don’t seem to have a specific cause, then it’s time to
consider whether there’s a healthier diet out there.

Ask Your Vet First

Before you take any action, ask your vet. They know your Frenchie’s needs and his
health. If you do intend to go grain-free, talk to them about what that diet will look like for
your dog. Even if they don’t think going grain-free is necessary, they can help you make
it healthy for your puppy.

Everyone wants their dog to have the best life possible. For a French Bulldog, grain free
diets are of debated value. If you strongly want to do it, just reach out to your vet first.
They can help you ensure your Frenchie is getting complete nutrition no matter what

you’re feeding him. If you hope to clear up issues with your French Bulldog’s skin, fur, or
temperament, ask your vet about going grain free.

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