5 things to know about owning a French bulldog

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French bulldogs have been growing in popularity as pets, and it’s no wonder why! These affectionate, playful pups have certain special characteristics. Keep these in mind to keep your own French bulldog happy and healthy.


French bulldogs are a bit destructive

In some ways, a French bulldog is like a naughty little child that never grows up. They can be destructive, especially if they’re left alone for too long. They especially love to chew, including your furniture or shoes. This is partially because they are playful and curious. It’s a good idea to give your French bulldog lots of supervision and attentions.


They do not require a lot of exercise

French bulldogs are great pets for those who live in apartments or can’t take them out for long excursions every day. French bulldogs tire easily and don’t like intense activity. A little stroll is just right.


They are heavy, loud breathers

A French bulldog’s small stature can lead to breathing issues, so it’s not uncommon for them to breathe loudly and heavily. This is especially true after exercise or if the weather is especially hot. Some loud breathing is normal, but keep an eye out for anything that sounds too raspy or out of the ordinary.


They can have digestive issues

Make sure you take your French bulldog to the vet for regular routine checkups and examinations and be sure he’s up to date with all of his vaccinations. It’s also a good idea to check your pup over at home and make sure nothing looks out of the ordinary.


They are extremely affectionate

Since French bulldogs were originally bred to be companion animals, above all, they are known for being extremely sweet and affectionate. They get along well with other dogs as well as humans, and are playful, good natured, and above all else, fun.

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