5 Signs Your Frenchie Is Bored at Home

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5 signs your french bulldog is bored at home

Do you have a French bulldog? Do you two do everything together? While you may love having fun with your Frenchie, there are probably times when you aren’t able to play with your puppy. When you leave your Frenchie to entertain themselves, they may become bored. When this happens, they’ll let you know that it’s time to entertain them. However, in order to know when it’s time to entertain your bored Frenchie, you have to know how to read the signs of their boredom.


Dogs talk through their barking, and with every bark, your Frenchie is saying something. While your dog may love to bark when they are hungry, stressed, or afraid, their bark can also be heard due to boredom. You will always know when it is time to entertain your beloved Frenchie by their bark. If your puppy appears to be barking for no reason, it’s probably time to take a break and play with your bored Frenchie.


If you have noticed that your Frenchie has chewed up a pair of your favorite shoes or some of your other personal belongings, then you have just experienced a fit of boredom from your adorable pup. Although Frenchies are known to chew up things when they are teething, they’ll also exhibit this behavior when they’re bored. Chewing up your favorite things is a way for them to explore the world. If you want to save your favorite pair of shoes from sharp teeth, try getting your Frenchie chew toy or a bone to gnaw on instead.

Following You

Are you being followed everywhere you go in your house by your Frenchie? Does your Frenchie even follow you to the bathroom? If your dog won’t leave your side, they are likely in need of some attention or entertainment. Try taking some time to play you’re your puppy or go for a walk. This will help tire them out, and afterwards they should be alright alone for a while.

Mischievous Behavior

If you ever come home or enter a room to find your Frenchie sitting in the middle of a mess with your things scattered everywhere, this may be a sign that your Frenchie is bored and wants your attention. Your bored Frenchie will find joy in turning your home into their own playroom. This includes pulling things out from where they are supposed to be, playing with curtains, or dragging whatever they can across the floor. Bad behavior is just another classic sign of your Frenchie being bored.


Letting your overactive Frenchie outside to release some of their energy is a good way to keep them entertained. However, you might find that your puppy is only interested in digging up areas in your yard. This may be a sign that your puppy has too much energy and isn’t getting out enough. If you want to prevent your bored Frenchie from digging up your plants, try taking them out more frequently during the day.


Despite being small dogs, Frenchies are full of energy and are easily bored if they lack entertainment. Keep an eye out for these signs of boredom in your puppy, and be sure that they have an outlet for their energy. And if you’re looking to show off your pride in your Frenchie, visit Bella B. The Pet Supply. We carry a variety of themed accessories and apparel for both humans and Frenchies. We donate part of all our profits to helping rescues, so shop today to make a difference!

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